Get In Position

There’s a lot of conversation today about whether the Chargers (still San Diego to me) and Raiders (still Oakland to me) should have played it “safe” last night to play for a tie instead of going for a win. If the Raiders and Chargers tie,…

Missouri Discovery Rule Update

“Fifty interrogatories?! Are you kidding me?!” Thanks to updated discovery rules, this litigator’s exclamation may soon be one of the past.  Our Ryan Nely summarizes these updates below. On March 2nd, 2021, the Supreme Court of Missouri amended several of its discovery rules. These amendments resolved a…

Don’t Flinch!

After an exciting win in the AFC Divisional game, Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, discussed how his team didn’t flinch on 4th and 1 with a one-score game on the line. Why didn’t his team flinch? Here are some thoughts: (1) They’re the Chiefs and,…

Three Pairs

A typo in the first post… Bold! Granted, there are three pears in the photo. But, can you see that there are also three pairs?*** A pathologist friend of mine had a quote in his office that ended with, “… think it possible you may…

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