After an exciting win in the AFC Divisional game, Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, discussed how his team didn’t flinch on 4th and 1 with a one-score game on the line.

Why didn’t his team flinch? Here are some thoughts:

(1) They’re the Chiefs and, well, Champions. (End obvious homer bias here)

(2) They were prepared. OC Eric Bieniemy commented that the team discussed that play- for that situation- before the game. His players knew exactly what to do, and exactly what was expected before they even knew they would be in that situation.

(3) A subset of being prepared is foresight. With intentional preparation, teammates and coaches can contingency plan in their minds. What if this situation arises? Or that one? When legal teams commit to this preparation- including clients who allow this preparation- they more thoroughly foresee issues that will arise at trial and have the game plan ready to launch.

What helps your team to not flinch?

Time’s yours…