In a recent press conference, Chiefs Defensive Coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, was asked how our beloved team came roaring back this season with an 8-game winning streak after starting the season 3-4.

Although there are surely several reasons, his first reason was Andy Reid’s calm leadership. He didn’t freak out.

That calm leadership diffused through the coaches and players. Sure, there was frustration, but a calm and rational approach when facing potential disaster was key.

The similarities between high performing athletes and high-intensity professions are interesting. Trial attorneys can always learn from professional coaches and athletes. Calm leadership in the boardroom and courtroom is critical for creative analysis, thoughtful decision-making and strategic implementation.

The season is not yet over, but our Chiefs are in the driver’s seat.

We are grateful for our stellar coaching staff led by an amazing fella. How ’bout those… Chieeeefs!